In August, Simacan added or improved the Realization data addition to the Vehicles view, tagging parties in the chat, location capacity alerts and shareable Control Tower urls. Read what's new below.

⏰Realisation data added to Vehicle view

In addition to planned trips, you can now also see realized times in the Vehicles view. This provides insight into delays of journeys in the past and their impact on subsequent journeys.

Tagging actors in the chat

When using the chat functionality at the ride-detail level you could previously only send messages to: @Shipper, @Carrier and @Chauffeur. From now on you can also tag the parties involved in the ride by selecting @OrganizationName. This makes it clearer who is sending a message and who is receiving it. Since this update, Carriers can also chat with parties to which they have issued a Satellite view.

⚠️Location capacity alerts

A known problem in transport is that too many vehicles arrive at a location at the same time. For example, a downtown store has space to unload one vehicle at a time. But two (or more) are coming at once. This causes waiting times for drivers, problems for other traffic or even unsafe situations. That is why it is now possible to enter a 'capacity' at a location. We can then add a corresponding extra column in the journey list. This column shows an alert when the expected arrival times of vehicles exceed such a capacity.

Note: This only looks at vehicles that are known in your Control Tower. It is therefore possible that a vehicle from another supplier arrives at a location at the same time and you have not received a warning.

Shareable Control Tower URLs

Control Tower users can now easily share Control Tower URLs with other users, even if they are working in a different environment. This makes collaboration easier.

Other updates

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