In November, Simacan improved the trip list and the Consignment tab, among other things. Read below what's new.

✨Improved styling trip list

  • The layout and loading speed of the trip list in the Control Tower has changed.
  • A selection box is present for each trip. Previously this selection box was hidden behind an icon. Now the selection box is visible before the icon.
    This makes it easier to select multiple trips at once, for example when you want to cancel a set of trips. The prerequisite is that the 'multi-select' functionality is enabled for your user group. 

    On the left in the picture you can see the old situation and on the right the new one:
  • Minor changes have also been made to the widths of the columns in the trip list, making some values more readable. In rare cases, a horizontal scroll bar may appear above the screen if not all the columns will fit on your screen anymore.
  • When filtering from the triplist, the available trips vs total trips are shown in the trip header.

    Below is an example when selecting on the active trips:

Update Consignment Status view

A number of new features have been added on the Shipments tab. Note: not all users have this tab at their disposal, this depends on your position and employer.

  • It is now possible to filter on 'customerData'. 
  • In addition to the order number, we can now also display the external order reference as a column.
  • The display of the carrier in the carrier filter has been improved.
  • We can hide cancelled actions (such as loading actions/unloading actions) if desired. This gives better overview when you have a workflow with many updates of shipments.
  • Status was not always updating correctly, this has been fixed.

Other updates

  • General map update with update of restricties and new/old roads

Are there features you have not turned on but would like to use? Do you have feedback or questions about these release notes? Please contact us at