This month there have been improvements to the Simacan platform again. Below you can read what's new.

Improved login page

Wednesday 14 September 2022 a version our software will be deployed, including an improvement of the Simacan login page. The styling is brought in line with the rest of the applications and a company logo indicates to which environment the user will log in. Due to this change, buttons on some devices may be aligned differently on the screen than before.

Please note: if the user has a small screen and/or a low resolution, the SSO option at the bottom of the screen may not always be visible and the user may have to scroll to click on it!

Below are two examples of the new version of the screen. Please note that the Simacan logo you see there will be replaced by the logo of the company that owns the workspace.

Depending on the ICT setup of your company and your personal device (like your preferred language) small variations are possible, therefore two different examples:


The biggest differences between the examples are caused by the way your organisation handles password management, for example the 'remember me' button, integration with a password management system, and/or single sign on options such as 'sign in with google'.

For comparison, below an example of the old design of the login page:

Other updates

  • None

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