This month there have been improvements to the Simacan platform. Below you can read what's new.

OTM5 interface now easier for partners

It has become easier to connect to our OTM5 messages. We provided more detailed clarification on what data to expect. Specifically the fields and values found under ‘externalAttributes’. This way your coding can be done with more simple logic. In these efforts we ensured that our documentation remains always in line with the OTM5 we send out.

⏳Performance improvement TD-Matrix

The TD matrix is now faster! This enables even larger TD-matrices and thus operations with even more locations. We typically see the time cut in half, but more importantly this enables us to work on more improvements.

Planning input in system messages

The system messages now show additional messages. These messages are created when we process data from a TMS or FMS that enriches the planning. The system messages are now your overview to see who sent planning data. Resulting in a direct accessible overview of all processed planning input, whether from you or your partners.

Other updates

  • Minor bug fixes for the Shipments view, so that the status is now shown correctly
  • Improvement in the OTM5 planning service to counter duplicate locations
  • The Developer Portal has been updated with the latest information

Are there any features you don't have turned on but would like to use, or do you have any feedback or questions about these release notes? Contact us via Support@Simacan.coon