This month there have been improvements to the Simacan platform. It concerns the following topics:

Update Shipment Status view

Improvements have been made to the Shipment Status view:

  • A date has now been added in the tooltip of the actions for more clarity
  • Realized times in the tooltip are now complete
  • An icon is shown if there is a date transition between the action

Update Crumble path

An improvement has been made to showing the GPS positions in the breadcrumb trail.

  • We now automatically show rejected GPS points in the Control Tower
  • Data rejected for any reason other than 'too old' is shown for all types of FMS's. These can be recognized by a light gray color.
  • Data that is too old is now specifically only shown for Logi-App.
  • 'Too old' means: we have already received a newer GPS point. So all points that are older than the last processed GPS point are rejected, and for Logi-App these are now shown in the Control Tower.


Other updates

  • Choosing a type of map has been moved from the left menu to the bottom left of the map itself

  • Performance improvement

  • The date is now also displayed in trip details. This in case of trips that have a date change and of which it is not always clear when which stop is planned.

Are there any features you don't have turned on but would like to use, or do you have any feedback or questions about these release notes? Contact us via