What is 'Impact on next trip'?

Note: This functionality is not on by default in Control Tower. Contact your key user or CSM if you do not see this column and have a need for it.

 'Impact on next trip' is a number in hours that indicates whether the trip you are looking at is going to impact the next trip of this vehicle. It can only be shown if there is a vehicle associated with the trip and if a later trip is scheduled for that vehicle in the Control Tower.

At the bottom of the trip detail screen is more information about this impact, you can click through to that next trip or to all trips of the vehicle. This is an example of a delayed trip:

A trip can also have 'negative impact', meaning extra time is available between this and the next trip. It looks like this:

How is this number determined?

The 'impact on next trip' is the current ETA minus the planned start time of the next trip. If there is no more ETA because the previous trip has already been completed, either the last known position of the vehicle is considered, or the travel time between the last stop of the previous trip and first stop of the next trip is calculated.

Tips for resolving issues with 'Impact on next trip'

The 'Impact on next trip' is missing where I would expect it to be

Check if the vehicle is (correctly) linked to the next trip in the planning. If this shows no problems, send both trip numbers to Simacan Support so we can determine what is causing the problem.

The 'Impact on next trip' is much higher or lower than I would expect

Is the current trip completed correctly? Or is it possibly still active because something went wrong with the last stop? Have any stops been cancelled / dragged or otherwise changed in this or the next trip? Do the breadcrumb trail and blue planned route on the map look normal? If none of that shows any problems, please forward both trip numbers and a screenshot of the anomalous 'Impact' to Simacan Support so we can see what is causing the problem.