In October, Simacan added or improved the Shipment Status view, Flexible vehicle types, an improved journey list and the availability of data from the Arrival Display via an API. Read what's new below.

Shipment Status view

Simacan introduces a new view as tab, namely; the Shipments view. This makes it possible to track the status of shipments without immediately having all other stops of a journey in view. We have written a separate article about this functionality. 

Flexible Vehicle types

When sending vehicle types from the planning, it was mandatory to use a specific number of types. Now there is no more limitation to send vehicle types. The Control Tower now basically shows all vehicle types that you send.

✨Improved performance trip list

The speed of the ride list has been improved and text has been adapted to the same styling as used in other views. This improves the user experience.

⚙️Arrival Display now available via API

Simacan has a specific view for locations (such as shops or DC's) to make arrivals visible. From now on you can get the information from this view available via an API, making it easier to use data from Simacan in your own store apps.

Improved integration with App2Track for Paperless eCMR

Simacan easily offers the necessary data to parties that use App2Track to support the paperless and/or eCMR process. This makes it easier for parties to transform their operation to paperless working.

Other updates

  • Master data
    • In the location overview you can now see per location whether first/last miles have been registered.
    • If a routing is no longer available, for example due to a map update, it is crossed out in the relevant location screen and displayed in gray.
    • On the map you will find a new button with which you can switch multiple map layers on and off.
    • Multiple improvements regarding showing route restriction
  • Control Tower
    • An end user can now assign a subcontractor to a trip if no carrier planning (carrier planning) is (yet) available. The Control Tower then automatically creates a carrier schedule.
      The styling of the login page has been updated.

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