This quarter there have been improvements to the Simacan platform. Below you can read what's new.


Chat with drivers outside active trips

Previously, you could only chat with a driver during an active ride. Now this is also possible if the trip is not yet active, or if it has recently been completed. This way planners can still reach the drivers of these trips. There must be a linked and supported app where the driver can see the messages.

New Vehicle view

Simacan introduces a new view / tab: The Vehicles view. Here you see an overview of all scheduled vehicles with their active and planned journeys on a visual timeline. This provides insight into delays and overlap of journeys. Which vehicles are going to be late for their next journey, but also which vehicles are standing still for a long time between two journeys.

If you wish, we can set filters for this tab based on fields from your schedule. For example, Plan group, Location or Driver name.

Notifications per SMS with Track & Trace link

This is a new option, intended for location employees in, for example, a store or distribution center. They can receive an SMS notification in the event of a delivery delay or other deviations from the schedule.

This new method is complementary to the existing solutions for informing people. This is already possible via, for example, the Control Tower, the Arrival Display or the Track & Trace portal. The advantage of SMS is that the recipient does not have to log in to anything.

Other updates

  • None

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