The Planninghub Push Service is a service of the Simacan platform that shares data from all known plannings in the Control Tower with external systems. This can be, for example, a TMS or a planning system. Thanks to this functionality, it is no longer necessary to work with manual imports for every customer and work is therefore automated. Simacan supplies the planning in OTM5 format.*

What we deliver

  • Once we have the correct details of your endpoint, we can start sending you planning data. Our data will be in JSON hierarchical structure. Keep in mind that almost all fields are optional, so every trip can have its own combination of objects.
  • All updates are sequential, they will always been sent to you in the order of which updates were made. Even if the connection was lost for whatever reason, we will still send you all updates, so that you get a complete picture of the changes and how they were made (within a time frame of less than 96 hours).
  • Trip planning data will contain planned trip, stop, drop, leg, vehicle and location data. eCMR references are included in the v5extension.

What is not included
  • Data which is enriched along the way, like the eCMR status, vehicle location update metadata, realised or estimated times, operationally made comments as can be seen in Control Tower. Our updates will always contain the complete state of the planning.

What is needed to use this?

First of all, it must be checked whether this service is being purchased. Please contact the application manager or Simacan via

View the Simacan Developer Portal for technical instructions: