This article provides a brief explanation of Simacan's Store Arrival Display. This view is intended for individual locations that are mainly interested in the trips that will arrive at that specific location. This view provides insight into the specific planned journeys, the expected arrival time and possibly the route the driver is following.

See explanation of the numbers below.

1. Filter

First of all, the view can be filtered by the specific location you are interested in. This can be done at the top left of the screen.

2. List

On the left is a list of deliveries that can be expected today. This list starts with the next delivery. It is possible to show more detailed information about the delivery, such as the type of goods, the trip number, the agreed window time and any instructions for the driver or location. For this it is necessary that the information is also included in the planning, otherwise Simacan cannot display it.

3. Upcoming delivery

Information about the next delivery is visible at the top right. In this example, the delivery in question is delayed by 25 minutes. Simacan continuously calculates the most accurate ''expected time of arrival'' based on traffic jams and other factors.

4. Map

The driver's route can be followed on the map. Note: This is not always possible. This can be set per organization.

5. Week view

Do you want to look ahead at deliveries for the coming days? Then click on the ''switch'' that gives you an overview of the planned deliveries during the week. In the example below we see that deliveries are already scheduled for tomorrow, but no deliveries yet for the rest of the week.