The Vehicles tab in the Control Tower is an overview of all vehicles that are scheduled for a trip. This makes it possible to gain insight into vehicle delays and their impact on a subsequent trip. It is possible to create a relevant view by filtering on all kinds of things such as Plan group or Location. It is all explained in this article.


The planned trips are made visually visible by means of a timeline. This provides insight into how the vehicle is planned.

Note: This list is based on the devices we receive data from, such as GPS positions. Vehicles for which no planning is known are not yet visible.

Below is an explanation of what can be seen in the view.

1. The light blue bar represents the planned trip. The bar is marked red if 2 trips overlap in terms of planning. This means that an adjustment has to be made in the planning.


2. When a vehicle has started a journey, a dark blue bar becomes visible. This represents the expected delay of the ride. In this example, Simacan expects the journey to take +63 minutes, which will have an impact on the follow-up journey.

3. By moving the mouse over a trip, a so-called tooltip appears. This contains detailed information such as the trip number, the planned time, the driver name, the start location and end location. It is possible to click on a ride, which will take you to the ride-detail screen.


Filters make it possible to make this view relevant for the user and to work very focused. If configured it is possible to filter on:

  • Plan Unit*
  • Base locatio*
  • Driver
  • Start location
  • End location
  • Trip number

*This information must be available in the planning.