On this page is an explanation of the trip list view and how you can use it. The trip list view provides an overview of all planned trips and their status.


It is possible to enable or disable different columns. In the picture above this text we see a number of columns. The explanation is described below:

  • Trip number
    • The trip number from the planning
  • Driver name
    • The driver's name from the schedule
  • Vehicle
    • The license plate or vehicle code from the planning
  • Start
    • The start time of the trip
  • End
    • The end time of the trip
  • icons
    • The arrows indicate the status of the trip. This can be ''Drive'' or ''Load''. No distinction is made between loading or unloading. The main purpose is to show whether the driver is on the road or on location.
  • Status
    • This indicates at which stop the driver is and how many stops there are in total in this trip.
  • Delta T
    • This indicates the extent to which the trip is ahead of or delayed compared to the planned times. The highest delay is shown here and it will light up red if it is outside the allowable delay according to the settings.
  • eCMR
    • The status of any linked eCMR (digital waybill)
  • Destination
    • The final destination of the trip
  • Chat icon
    • A chat icon appears when chat messages from drivers, colleagues or customers have been received or sent within this trip. The icon is highlighted in red if there is an unread message.
  • Exception limits icon
    • A pencil icon appears when a user has modified the exception limits.
  • Call icon
    • A bell icon appears when exceptions are ''snoozed''. In other words, when someone has viewed the delay, but wants to ignore it.


These filters can be set based on information provided by the planning. Usually a filter on:

  • Planning group*
  • Pitch*
  • Client*
  • Carrier
  • Load location
  • loose location
  • DC
  • OrderType*

*This information must be provided in the planning.

It is possible to change the date at the top middle and thereby look back in time or look ahead which rtrips are planned in the coming days.

Note: The 'Active' filter is turned on by default, so that only the trips that are driving an active trip are shown. You can turn this off if you want to see all planned trips for today.


Simacan also shows a map with the current locations of vehicles. The vehicles are marked with a colour:

  • Blue, means the vehicle is on schedule
  • Orange, means the vehicle is ahead of schedule
  • Red, means the vehicle is behind schedule

Map layers can be turned on to gain more specific insight into traffic situations or locations.


It is possible to adjust the date, so that trips from the past or planned trips in the future can be looked up. You can adjust the date that is in the top center of the screen while the trip list is open. It should look like the following picture: