What is the historical trip report

The historical trip report is a .CSV file containing information about completed trips. This information can be used to gain insights about timeliness or to further process this data in external systems. The following columns are available:

How do I make a historical trip report

First, your account must have the correct permissions in the Control Tower, otherwise you won't see the menu option. If you miss this option, you can send us a ticket. Assuming you do have the option available:

  1. Click on 'Insights'

  2.  Search for the section 'Historic trip data' on the page 'Insights' and select the time period you want to have data for (maximum of 31 days back):

Do you want to view the file in excel? Follow these steps:

  • Download the file as described above this text
  • Open a new excel file
  • Make sure you open the downloaded .CSV file from the new excel file via: Data > Open Data > Open Data from text file / CSV

  • You will be asked if data needs to be changed. Changing data is not needed. Click on ''Loading'' and then you should see a user friendly view of the data. 

Frequently asked questions

Find below answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I set the Historical Trip Report (the CSV download) to CET / local time?

The Historical Trip Report, which you can download as a CSV from the 'Insights' page, always shows the date/time in UTC (e.g. realizedStopArrival, realizedStopDeparture):

Is that undesirable, because this is not your local time? In Microsoft Excel you can easily change this yourself:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Go to Data tab
  3. Under "Get and transform data", click "From text file/CSV".
  4. Select the historical trip report
  5. Click on Load
  6. All times are now automatically displayed in your local time

Can more data be added to the report?

No, for more data please use the Realised-Trip-Service of Simacan. That service always contains the most complete data.