This quarter there have been improvements to the Simacan platform. Below you can read what's new.


Uncouple Call

In addition to the well-known ''Couple Call'', with which trip plans were linked to a vehicle, it is now also possible to ''Uncouple'' trips from a vehicle. This can be useful when the planning is changed and, for example, a charter is used for the trip that uses a different FMS. This increases the data quality. The ''Uncouple Call'' is designed according to the OTM5 standard and specs can be found on the well-known Developer Portal.

Other updates

  • The stop details of a trip are now shown in a tooltip, if a large number of actions are planned on the stop. This makes information more readable.
  • Speed improvement when reading in a large number of schedules at the same time.
  • If the filter list based on map is on and you open a ride and then go back, this will be remembered.
  • Minor fixes for the Last Mile Guidance functionality with certain FMS systems.


Expansion of fields in OTM5 push services

Work has been done on both the OTM5 planning inbox and the OTM5 push links, such as the OTM5 Planning Push, ETA Push, and Realized Trips Push.

Additional fields have been added so that the OTM5 planning inbox can process more information. Support is added in the push links for more information related to digital waybills.

Other updates

  • Master data: When creating users, it was already possible to filter on locations (if configured). In addition to the location name, we now also show the address, since some locations have the same name.
  • Manually canceled stops are now also available in the Realised-Trip-Service data


Other updates

  • We now show a ''giftbox'' at the top of the Control Tower if there have been new releases. With this, users are easily informed about the latest functionalities.

Are there any features you don't have turned on but would like to use, or do you have any feedback or questions about these release notes? Contact us via