This quarter there have been further improvements to the Simacan platform. Below you can read what's new. 


New design header and navigation

The header (at the top of the application) and navigation of the Control Tower and Masterdata have received a more modern look. With these changes, our applications become more uniform and it allows us to introduce additional usability improvements in the near future. 

On some pages in the Control Tower, a date picker was previously shown in the header. From now on, the date can be chosen at the location where you can also set the filters. This applies to both trips and consignments.

Design of the new header and navigation

Introduction of notification center

In the Control Tower, a notification rail has been introduced on the right side of the screen. This makes it possible to stay updated on new messages, regardless of the page you are on. The bell icon indicates the number of unread messages. Clicking the icon opens the notification center, where you can view all unread messages. Clicking the notification itself allows you to send a response instantly. By clicking on the label next to the message, the corresponding trip is opened and all other messages related to that trip are displayed. The icon for non-geocoded locations has been moved from the header to the notification rail.

Notification rail with unread messages and non-geocoded locations

At the bottom of the notification bar, a gift icon is displayed, which links to our knowledge base with information on the latest product improvements, among other things. In the future, we will introduce more functionalities in the notification center.


Analytical cookies

To better understand the usage of our applications, Control Tower users will receive a one-time cookie notification asking them to accept analytical cookies. This is not mandatory, but helps us to further improve the user experience in our applications. Read more about our privacy policy or our cookie statement.

One-time cookie notification

Profile, password and settings

When users click on their name in the upper right corner of the screen, the new 'Settings' option is displayed. Through 'Profile', name and language can be chosen, through 'Password' the password can be changed and through 'Privacy' the cookie settings can be changed.

Change password


We would love to hear your feedback on the changes. Also, if there are any functionalities that you would like to use but that are not yet activated for you, please contact us at Thank you!