The arrival display will soon receive an update with handy improvements and new features! Below is an overview of what you can expect and what to pay attention to.

Expanded filtering options

The filter options are being expanded and the arrival display will feature a convenient filter sidebar, making all filters available in one place. You can easily apply multiple filters simultaneously or remove all filters with a single click. This makes searching for specific activities or load carriers much more efficient.

Please note: if you use a bookmark in your browser which includes filters, you will need to reapply these filters once and update the bookmark.

Adjustable chart height

At the top of the arrival display, there is a chart that quickly shows at what times of the day most arrivals are expected. You can now set the height of this chart yourself. Additionally, if you save the page in your browser's bookmarks, the height of the chart will also be remembered.

One-time cookie notice

The first time you log in after the update, you'll receive a one-time cookie notice. Accepting cookies helps us enhance your user experience in the future, but it is completely optional.

Refreshed header with user settings

The header (top bar) is getting an update, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the look and feel of our other applications. By clicking on your name in the top right corner of this new header, a menu will open from which you can manage your user settings. Here, you can change your name and password, adjust the language of the application, or modify your cookie preferences.


We are excited about these updates and hope they will improve your experience with our products. Have questions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you at Thank you for using our application and continue to follow our knowledge base for more updates!