Administrators on the Simacan platform can access the user management function in the Masterdata application. Through this function it is possible to view and manage the list of registered users of the Simacan applications.

Open user management

User management is part of the Masterdata application of your Simacan environment. You access this application through the URL that applies to your environment, according to the template: https://<customer name>

You log in there with your Simacan administrator account.

Then, in the button bar at the top, click Users.

NOTE: If the user tab is grayed out and cannot be clicked, then you are not logged into Masterdata via the correct URL. It is important to use the full URL with customer name as shown above.

On the page shown you will find an overview of the users with the most important data. You can search on name and email address of a user to quickly find the right account in case of large numbers.

You will also see the last known login time of the user.

NOTE: The login time shown is only stored for 90 days. If a user was last active more than 90 days ago this column shows a dash.

Also, login times are not recorded here when users do not use the customer-specific application URLs to log in. For example, when a user logs in via https://<customer name>, this login activity is recorded, but when a user logs in via it is not. For these and other reasons, it is recommended that you instruct your users to log in via the correct URL.

Adding users

By clicking on the + new user button you can add a new user. You will then enter the user detail screen.

On this screen, fill in all the fields. Choose the Job title for the user. The Job title determines the application rights that a user gets. The application rights per job title are managed by Simacan.

It is also necessary for a new user to generate a new one-time password by clicking the round arrow in the Password field. You can then email this password directly to the user by checking the Send the credentials to the user field, or you can copy the password to the clipboard if you want to share the password through an alternative means.

This password is a one-time password. When the user logs in with this for the first time they will be asked to enter a new personal password.

When you then click the Create the user button the account will be created, possibly an email with the data will be emailed to the user, and you will go back to the overview screen of user management.

NOTE: Keep to the maxim of keeping the username the same as the email address. In future versions, the username field will disappear.

In some cases the creation of an account may be refused even though the data entered are correct. In that case it may be that the user is already known on the Simacan platform outside of your environment by that email address or username. In that case, check with the user in question whether he/she already has an account on the platform, and in such case use an alternative email address/username for the account in your environment.

Changing user data or resetting their password

You can change an existing user by clicking on the corresponding account in the overview list. You will then be taken to the user details screen for the selected user.

In this screen you can change the user's details. When you click Save changes, the new details are saved and you return to the overview list.

To reset the password of a user, click on the round arrow in the Password field. A new one-time password for the user will then be generated and displayed. You can email this password to the user or copy it to the clipboard if you want to share it in some other way.

This password is a one-time password. When the user logs in with this for the first time he/she will be asked to enter a new personal password.

(Temporarily) revoking or restoring access to a user

You can (temporarily) revoke a user's access from the user details screen for that user. You then click on Revoke access in the top right corner. When you press this button you will return to the overview list. In the list the account in question will be grayed out.

You can restore the account in the same way by clicking on the Grant access button on the user details screen.

Permanently delete a user

You can permanently delete a user account by clicking the Delete user button. A pop-up will open asking for confirmation of the deletion.

Please verify the details. When you then confirm by clicking delete user the account is permanently deleted.

Exporting the user list

From the users overview list, you can also create an export of all known users. To do this, click the Export button at the top of the list.

A CSV file containing the data from the list is then created and downloaded.