Neighbour detection is a function that is always active, so it does not work via a setting. It therefore always works according to the following logic.


  • The 'neighbour' stop(s) are inside the geofence / area fence of the first 'neighbour', so it concerns two or more overlapping fences. The standard radius of an area fence is an adjustable setting, the default is 100 meters.
  • The neighbouring stops must be consecutive stops in the planning.
  • The vehicle's stay within the area must have a duration of at least 65% of the total planned stopping time for all involved stops.

How are the stop times determined for the 'neighbours':

  • The total dwell time for all 'neighbour' stops is divided by the number of stops, so they all get the same (average) dwell time as registration, possibly with small rounding differences.
  • The end time of the first stop is equal to the start time of the next stop, etc.

Example of two neighbouring stops:

Resulting in for example this registration: