The Realized Trips Service is a service of the Simacan platform that shares data from all completed trips with external systems. This can be, for example, a TMS, an invoicing tool or a data lake for further processing. Simacan enriches data from various sources and returns it in this way to be able to use it for all kinds of useful automations or analyses.

What we deliver

We provide, among other things, the following in terms of service:

  • All completed trip details on an API, for storage in your own environment.
  • Trip details available after completion of trip.
  • Trip details are available for four days.
  • OTM 5.0 format.
  • Push-based, data is accessible thru Simacan URL.
  • Trip updates like comments, planning updates and manual sign-offs will trigger resending the realised trip.
  • The service has back-pressure in case the receiving URL is unavailable Once the receiving URL is available again, the messages are delivered, one by one, in order of finalising the trips.

Which fields do we deliver

What is needed to use it

First of all, it must be checked whether this service is being purchased. Please contact the application manager or Simacan for this via

Technically, the following items must be delivered to Simacan:

  • URL of your receiving endpoint
  • Username & password
  • Http-method (preferably POST)
  • Authentication type: Basic or IBM (optional)

View the Simacan Developer Portal for more technical instructions: