This article gives a brief explanation about the DC Arrival Display from Simacan. This view is intended for individual locations who are mainly interested in the trips that will arrive at that specific location. This view provides insight into the specific planned trips, the expected arrival time and the expected rush throughout the day by means of a graph.

1. Filter

First of all, the view can be filtered to the specific location you are interested in. This can be done at the top left of the screen.

2. Graph

The graph provides insight into the expected rush throughout the day based on planned load- and unload actions. This makes breaks easier for DC staff to plan, for example.

3. Columns

The columns in the DC Arrival Display are configurable. Provided the data is supplied from the planning, the following columns are available to configure:

  • Order number
  • License plate 
  • Load location
  • Activity (Loading or Unloading). This is the planned activity.
  • Goods Type. This can be OTHER, Fresh, Frozen, Shelf-life, etc.
  • Remark. This can be a comment that is sent from the schedule.
  • Planned time
  • Expected time
  • Status. This can be: Arrived, On the way or No data. This is determined on the basis of the received GPS data.

4. Automatic scrolling

The list of trips is automatically scrolled to the current time. This can be turned off manually if you want to scroll through the list to, for example, look back in time which trips have arrived in the past hours. Originally, this view is intended to be displayed on a PC monitor in, for example, a distribution center.