Do you want to inform recipients of the expected arrival of their delivery in an accessible way? Then you can use the Simacan Track & Trace portal. Read how it works below.

Note: Pictures are adjustable and can therefore deviate.

1. Planning information

From the planning it is possible to indicate for a shipment whether a telephone / mobile number should be informed of the status of the delivery.

2. A link via SMS

If the information is known, Simacan can send a link by SMS to the recipient.

3. The T&T portal

The recipient opens this link and ends up on the T&T portal. Here, the estimated time of arrival is continuously updated based on the latest information.

4. Code

If the Track & Trace code is unknown, the following page will be displayed:

5. Language

There are 3 dots at the top right of the page. Clicking on it will reveal the option to choose a language. When opening the Track & Trace portal, Simacan looks by default at the language settings of the telephone or PC.

6. Branding

It is possible to set up the Track & Trace portal completely in your own house style. This means:

  • Your own logo
  • Your own colours
  • Your own pictures