Administrative stops

Administrative stops are stops that can be supplied through the planning and be handled differently. This type of stops is useful in situations where a driver does not always visit the first or last stop, even though this stop is in the planning due to administrative reasons.

The stops are named "Administrative stop," in addition they are lighter in color. Sign-off, the realization times, are the same as the scheduled times. The stop circle has a dotted line and the stop line is gray by default.


Simacan saw a certain type of transportation phenomenon emerging: trips are scheduled from a location of the carrier. However, this starting location is optional for the carrier: he is paid from that location. The first actual work begins at the second stop in the trip. This means that a carrier has the freedom to make its own planning so smart that the deployed truck is already at that second stop (or near it) saves miles and thus money.

In the Control Tower, this used to cause stop detection problems. This is because if the driver does not pass the first stop and drives directly to the second stop, this second stop must be detected via the alternative "out-of-order" mechanism. This mechanism allows stops to be recorded in arbitrary sequences. After all, the Control Tower thinks we are on our way to stop 1, when in reality we are already at stop 2. The "out-of-order" mechanism works well in the basics, but is more tightly tuned than when you arrive at a stop that you also expect.

By now being able to recognize administrative stops in scheduling and functionally treat them in the Control Tower as "this is just an administrative stop" - stop detection for these trips will improve. 

By the way, a location can be administrative one time and not in another trip. That means it is a stop property (and not a location-based property).

How it works

An administrative stop is ''automatically'' logged off, so to speak, when that stop is the next stop the driver was scheduled to go to. The Control Tower then expects the driver not to pass the administrative stop. Both the first, last and intermediate stops may be administrative.

When the last stop of a trip is administrative, the trip is considered ''completed'' as soon as the driver left from the last ''normal'' stop.

Normally, the first ETA of a trip is calculated as soon as the driver arrives at the first stop. If the first stop is an administrative stop, the ETA calculation is already started as soon as the trip should have started according to ''planning'' and the driver has not yet arrived at the first ''normal'' stop.

How to send from the planning (OTM5)

The "externalAttribute {"monitoring": "administrative"}, should be included as "action" in the planning in combination with an empty stop with no further activities.  In the planning it should then look like this in combination with an empty stop with no activities :

"actions": [
      "entity": {
        "id": "98148e7f-a40e-40f8-ab80-aa5a4187b240",
        "name": "S",
        "externalAttributes": {
          "monitoring": "administrative"
        "lifecycle": "planned",
        "location": {