This quarter there have been further improvements to the Simacan platform. Below you can read what's new. 


Support for the Romanian language

It is now possible to choose Romanian as language in the user settings of the Control Tower and in Masterdata user management.

Improved visual indication of outdated first- and last miles

In the Masterdata location management screen, the absence of drawn first and last miles is no longer displayed with a red cross. Instead, the field remains blank when no route is drawn in.

Specifically, when Simacan implements map updates that affect drawn first or last miles, these will now be displayed with a red triangle with a white exclamation mark. This symbol indicates that the route must be checked and, if necessary, redrawn.

Improved display of planninguploads

In the Masterdata planning screen, the file names of planning uploads have now been changed so that not only the timestamp of the upload is visible, but also the trip number of that upload. This allows uploads to be found more quickly.

Quick removal of a drawn geofence

Masterdata location management now includes a button that allows quick removal of a drawn geofence. Pressing this button will reset the geofence to the default circle geofence.


Control Tower user experience update

In March a major update comes to the Control Tower that improves the user experience for daily work. Read more in this article: Improved Control Tower experience - March 2024.