In March 2024 a number of major user experience improvements are coming to the Control Tower, that simplify daily work with the Control Tower. Below you can find more information regarding the changes in this update.

Enhanced filtering functionality, moving the map to the right

A new filter column on the left side of the trip list makes searching and filtering faster. All filters are available in one place and can be easily removed with a single click. To make room for the filters, the map has moved to the right side of the screen.

Quick insight into nearby vehicles

Finding vehicles near a specific location has become easier. By zooming in on a location and enabling the ‘Trips of vehicles on the map’ filter, an overview of all nearby trips is displayed.

Improved breadcrumbs navigation

It is now easier to view the exact route of a vehicle. Users can navigate through the breadcrumb trail quickly using keyboard arrow keys or on-screen buttons.

Traffic information on the map

Traffic information is now visible on the map by default, providing insights into the duration and distance of delays in The Netherlands. Users can disable this feature via the map layers if they prefer not to display traffic information.

Location and stop information

Users can access address information for locations with a single click. Additionally, there is an option to directly call the location if a phone number is available.

Couple trips

Coupling vehicles to trips has been simplified. Users can switch to the couple screen via the icon in the trip list, and applied filters are remembered for convenience.

Quick data insights

Users can easily view trips from the previous day or the following day with a single click using the arrow buttons next to the date. Furthermore, reports and dashboards are now directly accessible via the navigation bar.