Administrators on the Simacan platform can access the location management function in the Masterdata application. This function makes it possible to view and manage the list of locations of the Simacan applications.

Opening location management and overview

Location management is part of the Masterdata application of your Simacan environment. You access this application via the URL that applies to your environment, according to the template: https://<customer name>

You log in there with your Simacan administrator account.

Then click on Locations in the toolbar at the top.

NOTE: If the location tab is grayed out and cannot be clicked, then you are not logged in to Masterdata via the correct URL. It is important to use the full customer name URL as indicated above.

On the page shown you will find an overview of the locations with the most important information. You can search by name, place or address to quickly find the right location for large numbers.

Adding locations

Locations are added based on the planning. When the location appears in a planning, it is automatically created and added by the platform (OTM5).


In addition to the location name, location type and address details, more information is shown in the main screen. For example, it keeps track of what the so-called ''hit rate'' is of a location. This means, how often is this location visited per week, per month or per year. It is also possible to sort by that, for example, when checking geofences, first view the most visited locations:

What the picture above also shows is:

  • Whether a geofence has been drawn in manually
  • Whether a drive-away route (first mile) has been drawn
  • Whether an Approach Route (last mile) has been drawn up
  • Whether the location is active

Location details

By clicking on a location, more details are shown. Next to the address details, a map is shown with the location. The geofence can also be seen on this map and it is possible to zoom in.

By clicking on the ''+'' icons it is possible to sign in an Approach route or an Exit route.

By clicking on the pencil icon it is possible to manually draw a geofence. By default, Simacan draws a geofence with a circle around the location up to X meters (configurable).